Algorithm Factors: Horse Race Handicapping 101 | Learn How To Use Science And Mathematics To Win At The Race Track


  • Most Horse Racing Bettors Do Not Win At The Race Track Because Most Bettors Fail To Focus On Making Good Value Bets!

  • A Good Value Bet Is A Bet Where The Amount The Horse Will Pay To Win Is More Than The Horse's Chances Of Winning The Race!

  • Newly Revealed Horse Racing Algorithm Ratings Help Horse Racing Bettors To Focus On Making Good Value Bets!

  • Horse Racing Bettors Will Want To Go Forward By Using Horse Racing Algorithms To Make ONLY Good Value Bets!

  • Algorithms Developed By Court Recognized Expert Mathematics Of Gambling And Adjunct Professor Of Mathematics!

  • FREE Webinars Give Bettors Step By Step Instructions On How To Use Horse Racing Algorithms To Focus On Making Value Bets!

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    Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors Deliver Horse Racing Bettors Something VERY DIFFERENT

    It's Simple. Horse Racing Bettors Are Actually Trying To Predict The Future. More Specifically, Horse Racing Bettors Are Trying To Predict The Future Outcome Of The Race That Is About To Run. Predicting The Future Is No Easy Task. Most Horse Racing Bettors Are Here Because They Need Something Different. Horse Racing Bettors Need Something Better. Have You Ever Had A Fabulous Day At The Races Only To Lose Most Of Your Money Back Your Next Day At The Races? Have You Ever Had Lots Of Winners, But Barely Made Any Money? Have You Ever Cursed The Fact You Have Gotten Really Close To Consistent Winning At The Horse Races, But Can't Seem To Get Over The Hump? The Simple Answer In English Is Called Value Betting. Until Now Horse Racing Bettors Have Done Their Best To Select Which Horse Will Win The Race. The Problem Is In The Past Horse Racing Bettors Have Had No Way To Determine With Any Degree Of Accuracy Whether The Horse They Picked To Win Was Also A Value Bet.

    That Is, Until Now. Now There Is An Answer Available To All Horse Racing Bettors! If Horse Racing Bettors TRULY Desire To Consistently Make Money Betting On Horses Then They MUST Become Aquainted With Horse Racing Algorithms And Use Horse Racing Algorithms To Take Advantage Of Mathematical Expectation. There Is No Escaping It. Horse Racing Algorithms Are Exactly What All Horse Racing Bettors Need In Order To Become Lomng Term, Consistent Winners. It Is Time To Take A Little Closer Look At The Nature Of Horse Racing Betting.


    Horse Racing Bettors Must Be Able To Gain An Understanding Of What Betting Horses Is Really About

    Horse Racing Bettors Are Stuck In Medieval Times. In Ancient Times When Kings And Monarchs Ran Their Best Horse In A Race They Had One Goal In Mind. The Only Thing That Mattered To Them Was Winning The Race For Pride. That Outdated Thinking Continues To This Day. People Who Bet Horses Today Think Only In Terms Of Picking Winners Without Giving Any Thought To Actually Making Money. Such Thinking Will Never Lead A Horse Racing Bettor To Winning On A Long Term, Consistent Basis. Such Thinking Is Just Wrong. Picking Winners Will Feed Your Ego, But Will Never Put Food In Your Stomach. Horse Racing Bettors Today Should Be Thinking In Terms Of Money. More Specifically, Horse Racing Bettors Should Be Thinking Strictly In Terms Of Making A Profit When Betting Horses. If Horse Racing Bettors Are Not Thinking In Terms Of Profit Then Their Focus Is Misplaced.

    Horse Racing Bettors Have To Give Up Deeply Ingrained Methods. When Horse Racing Bettors Are Trying To Pick A Winner They Are Asking All Of The Wrong Questions. Horse Racing Bettors May Be Asking About Such Things As Trainer, Jockey Or Race Shape. None Of Those Questions Will Lead Horse Racing Bettors To Become A Long Term, Consistent Winner. Not Ever! Looking At One, Two Or Three Key Factors For Each Horse Will Lead Horse Racing Bettors To Betting One Of The Low Odds Favorites Most Of The Time When They Should Really Be Looking For An Undervalued Horse To Bet.


    The Real Question Is Whether It Is Even Possible For Bettors To See A Value Bet Without Algorithms

    The Answer Is No. The Science Of Winnermetrics Has Shown That There Are Approximately 50 Statistically Significant Factors That Contribute To The Outcome Of Every Race. It Is Hard To Imagine That Any Person Alive Could Effectively Assimilate All 50 Factors That Are Statistically Significant At One Time. To Make Matters Worse, The Factors Change From Race To Race. To Make Matters Much Worse Every Factor Has To Be Correctly Weighted According To Its Relevance To The Outcome Of The Race. How Would A Bettor Even Know The Correct Factors And Weights For Every Horse In Every Race Let Alone Assimilate All Of That Extremely Valuable Information?

    Move Up To Horse Racing Algorithms. Horse Racing Algorithms Are The Revolutionary Disruptors Sweeping Horse Racing Betting. Horse Racing Algorithms Have The Ability To Reliably Calculate The Correct Statistically Significant Factors And The Correct Weights For Each Factor For Every Horse In Every Race. Horse Racing Algorithms Perform And Complete All Of The Mathematical Calculations And Give The Bettor The Answer Derived From All Of The Statistically Significant Factors That Will Contribute To The Outcome Of The Race. That Way There Is No Math Left For Anyone To Do. The Only Thing Left To Do Is For Bettors To Watch The Tote Board And Make A Profit.


    Horse Racing Bettors Can Start Making Good Value Bets Today With Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors

    Algorithms Change Everything. There is one ugly beautiful TRUTH about horse racing betting. The truth is simple and straight forward. The truth is undeniable. The truth is if you are reading this then you are almost certainly a loser over the long haul betting horses. I was too and I found it very frustrating because I was so close. My biggest disappoinment was that I actually knew why I was losing betting horses and it had nothing to do with picking winners. The real answer is called mathematical expectation which is a gambling formula that predicts the long term outcome for the bet being considered. The UGLY TRUTH is that I had no idea how to deal with mathematical expectation and I also knew that mathematical expectation controlled whether I won or lost at betting horses. The TRUTH is ugly because you cannot escape mathematical expectation no matter what you do or how good you think you are at picking winning horses. Picking winners WILL NEVER make you a long term, consistent winner betting horses. ONLY making value bets will lead horse racing bettors to become long term, consistent winners.

    The BEAUTIFUL TRUTH is that horse racing bettors can use mathematical expectation to their advantage in horse racing betting. All Horse Racing Bettors Need To Do Is Spot The Errors The Public Makes In Selecting Which Horses To Bet. Horse Racing Bettors Can Make Money Betting Against The Public When The Public Under Values A Horse. Horse Racing Bettors Will Make Money Betting Against The Public By Being Better Informed Than The Public. Knowledge Is King At The Race Track.

    The $64,000 question is how do horse racing bettors take advantage of mathematical expectation when horse racing betting? Here is the answer without getting too mathematical. There are four components of mathematical expectation. They are: probability of winning, amount won, probability of losing, and amount lost. Applying the components to a win bet in horse racing the components are: The actual chances the horse will win, how much profit the horse racing bettor will make if the horse wins, the actual chances the horse will lose, and how much money the horse racing bettor will lose if the horse loses. The answer to the $64,000 question in horse racing betting is take ADVANTAGE of market inefficiencies created by the betting public.

    Here It Is In English. Horse racing betting is a pari mutuel system. Use of a pari mutuel system means there is a win pool of all the bets made by the public. The track takes its cut and returns the balance to the winning horse racing bettors. The key point is the public sets the payoffs for each horse in the race by the process of placing their bets. The public makes MISTAKES from time to time. When the puiblic makes a mistake there is a market inefficiency.

    How Does the HORSE RACING BETTOR Take ADVANTAGE Of The Market Inefficiency? Make No Mistake! Bet Against The Public Using Your Superior Information Which Comes From Algorithms!


    Optimal Odds Gives Horse Racing Bettors Accurate WIn Probabilities For Every Horse In Every Race!

    How Does A Horse Racing Bettor Know If They Are Making A Value Bet? Horse Race Handicapping And Making Money At The Race Track Is Possible If A Horse Racing Bettor Is Willing To Make A Sincere Promise To Themself. The Horse Racing Bettor Must Promise To Think Differently And Only Make Value Bets. A Value Bet Is When You Bet A Horse Which Has Actual Post Time Odds HIGHER Than The Actual Probability Of The Horse Winning The Race. For Example, If The Horse Racing Bettor Has Established That The Horse They Want To Bet Has A 33% Chance Of Winning The Race Then Their Horse Should Be Going Off At 2/1 Because A 33% Chance Of Winning A Race Converts To Betting Odds Of 2/1. The Next Step For The Horse Racing Bettor Is To Look At The Tote Board. If The Actual Post Time Odds On Their Horse Is 4/1 Then The Horse Racing Bettor Has An Advantage Because The Public Has Undervalued Their Horse And Has Given Their Horse Only A 20% Chance of Winning. That Is A Market Inefficiency That The Horse Racing Bettor Can Make Money Betting Against. Betting On Their Horse To Win in Such A Situation Is How The Horse Racing Bettor Makes A Value Bet.

    Accuracy Is The Critical Key! The Horse Racing Bettor Absolutely Needs Very Accurate Estimates Of Their Horse's Actual Probability Of Winning The Race In Order To Take Advantage Of The Concept Of Market Inefficiencies. HORSE RACING ALGORITHMS ARE THE ANSWER! In The Old Days, Software Programs, Websites, Publications And Touts All Claimed To Have Really Good Estimates About A Horse's Chances Of Winning. The Problem Is The Odds From The Various Sources Were Never An Accurate Enough Reflection Of Reality. Not Good! Won't Work! Until Algorithms Came Along, All Of The Old Estimates Were Not Accurate Enough To Take Advantage Of Market Inefficiencies Betting At The Race Track!

    Science And Mathematics Have Found The Answer - Horse Racing Algorithms!

    Read What Our Subscribers Say!

    Rose Ann D.

    "I am so thankful I joined webinar 3 for the Preakness special! It is simply amazing we were all told we will make our money on race 12! The Preakness was race 13." "We went over the key factor rankings and RSR for race 12 of course. But, then we went over the E ratings and it was explained how some races are paceless. Then we were told the most likely winners were #2 and # 5. We were told the most likely scenario for the race was one of the deep closers would pass the early leaders in the stretch. Since #2 had a good key factor 1 rank and 11 E rating that is who I focused on. I bet #2 to win and I keyed #2 in the exactas over the few likely early leaders based on the E rating. I am just so excited because #2 came up the rail to win and paid $16.20 to win. On top of that #3 was one of the E horses and held on for second and paid $25 to place. I had the full exacta of $317.80 and one of my best days ever! The algorithm rankings are simply AMAZING! I am SOLD!”

    John K.

    "Tuesday was a good day at the track for me. I am on a fixed income so I started with a $40 original bankroll. At Finger Lakes I hit a 10-1 in race 8.That is good because Finger Lakes has a lot of favorites." “The horse had good key factors and E and I had previously noticed that price horses at Finger Lakes were going wire to wire or else out of the money. Later I hit a $36 horse and then a $32 exacta. No more playing horses without key factor rankings and RSR and the E rating for me!”

    Junior L.

    "What a GREAT Haskell Day @ Monmouth Park! It was so much more than exciting. I was having such a good week at Monmouth using the Algorithms my friends thought I was a genius."“First, I no longer bet every race and became selective in races. I enjoyed using the key factors and RSR because now I get such a good feel for the race. I don't even need the racing form anymore. The tote boards have been lighting up nice and bright!. LOVING THE ALGORITHMS!”

    Juan O., International Racing Analyst, Caracas, Venezuela

    "All the Latins that follow their great stars in the International Horse Racing in the different tracks of The United States, we have in Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors an effective and useful tool to win a lot of money in the horse racing.

    I recommend to suscribe to Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors because. It's very good handicapping in all the tracks in The United States and besides that, it's definitively easy to undestand to those who are looking for only the best.

    Without any doubt, It's the suscription that more Latins use in The United States, above all, those who love the horses and want to win a lot of money in this wonderful sport of the kings, which is the races of the thoroughbred.”

    "Todos los latinos que seguimos a nuestras grandes estrellas del Hipismo Internacional en los diferentes hipodromos de Los Estados Unidos, tenemos en Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors una herramienta util y efectiva para ganar mucho dinero en las carreras de caballos.

    Yo recomiendo subscribirse a Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors porque ademas de ser muy acertada en sus pronosticos en todos los hipodromos de Los Estados Unidos, es definitivamente facil de entender para aquellos que buscan solo lo mejor.

    Sin duda alguna, es la subscripcion que mas latinos usan en Los Estados Unidos, sobre todo los amantes del buen hipismo que quieren ganar mucho dinero en este bello deporte de los reyes, como lo es las carreras del purasangre."

    Juan Luis Orta, Analista Hipico Internacional de la emisora Radio Deportes 1590 am en Caracas Venezuela.


    Predictive Analytics Helps Horse Racing Bettors By Identifying The Likely Odds For Every Horse

    Algorithms Are Accurate! Algorithms Analyze The Past To Predict The Future. There Are Actually Patterns Hidden In All Of The Historical Data Of Tens Of Thousands Of Previously Run Horse Races. The Problem Is The Naked Eye Cannot See The Patterns Buried Deep In All Of The Historical Horse Racing Data. Nevertheless, The Patterns Are Definitely There. The Science Of Winnermetrics Used Algorithms To Find The Hidden Patterns Present In Tens Of Thousands Of Historical Horse Racing Records. If A Horse Racing Bettor Truly Wants To Win At The Race Track Then They MUST Have Very Accurate Probability Of Winning Estimates For Every Horse In The Race. If Horse Racing Bettors Think They Can Avoid Using Very Accurate Probabilities Of Their Horse Winning The Race Then They Are Only Fooling Themself! A Very Accurate Probability Estimate Of The Chances Of Their Horse Winning The Race Is Absolutely Necessary For The Horse Racing Bettor To Win At The Horse Races! Very Accurate Probability Estimates Of The Chances Of A Horse Racing Bettor's Horse Winning The Race Can Only Come From Horse Racing Algorithms. The Science Of Winnermetrics Offers Well Researched, Proven Horse Racing Algorithms.

    The Science Of Winnermetrics Is Based On Predictive Analytics. Predictive Analytics Is The Practice Of Extracting Information From Existing Data Sets In Order To Determine Patterns And Predict Future Outcomes And Trends. Predictive Analytics Does Not Tell You What Will Happen In The Future. Rather, Predictive Analytics Forecasts What Might Happen In The Future With An Acceptable Level Of Reliability. The Benefit To Horse Racing Bettors Is That Winnermetrics Has Performed All Of The Difficult Work For The Horse Racing Bettor. All The Horse Racing Bettor Has To Do Is Use Optimal Odds, Relative Strength Ratings And The Other Ratings To Take Advantage Of The Uninformed Horse Race Betting Public.

    The True Issue For The Horse Racing Bettor Is Whether They Really Want To Win Betting Horses! The Horse Racing Bettor Only Has One Choice If They Truly Want To Win Money Betting On The Horse Races. Every Horse Racing Bettor Must Make Up Their Mind To Use Horse Racing Algorithms To Take Advantage Of Market Inefficiencies. Why? Horse Racing Algorithms Provide Accurate And Reliable Probabilities Of Their Horse's Chances Of Winning The Race. All Horse Racing Bettors Have To Do To Take Advantage Of Market Inefficiencies Is To Use Horse Racing Algorithms And ONLY Bet Horses Whose Actual Post Time Odds Are At Least Double The Algorithm Odds For Their Horse. Winnermetrics Is The ONLY Source In The World For Highly Accurate Winnermetrics Optimal Odds Which Are Very Accurate Probability Of Winning Estimates For Every Horse In Every Race! When The Horse Racing Bettor Bets A Horse Whose Actual Post Time Odds Are Higher Than The Optimal Odds For The Horse Then The Horse Racing Bettor Automatically Takes Advantage Of Market Inefficiencies And Mathematical Expectation. It Really Is That Simple!


    Making Bad Bets At The Race Track Causes You To Lose Money So Stop Making Bad Bets Already !

    A Horse Racing Bettor Can Spot A Value Bet With Optimal Odds. An Important Issue Is Whether A Horse Racing Bettor Can Actually Tell The Difference Between A Good Value Bet And A Bad Value Bet At The Race Track So A Horse Racing Bettor Can Stop Making Bad Value Bets. A Horse Racing Bettor Is Making A Good Value Bet When They Are Getting Value For The Wagering Dollars They Are Betting On Their Horses. There Is Only One Way For A Horse Racing Bettor To Get Value For Their Horse Racing Wagering Dollars. In Order To Get Value For Their Horse Racing Betting Dollars Horse Racing Bettors Must ONLY Bet Horses Whose Actual Post Time Odds Will Pay More Than Their Horse's Chances Of Winning The Race. In Order To Stop Making Bad Bets Horse Racing Bettors Need A Very Accurate Way To Know Their Horse's Chances Of Winning The Race.

    Making Value Bets Requires The Valuable Information Provided By Optimal Odds! Whether Horse Racing Bettors Can Stop Making Bad Bets At The Race Track Depends On The Information They Use Which Tells Them Theirr Horse's Chances Of Winning The Race. That Means Horse Racing Bettors Need The MOST Accurate Information Available To Them In The World. NOTHING Is More Accurate Than Algorithms! That's Right! Absolutely Nothing Is More Accurate Than Horse Racing Algorithms. Horse Racing Algorithms Gives Horse Racing Bettors The Most Accurate Estimate Of A Horse's Chances Of Winning The Race. Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors Ratings Give Horse Racing Bettors Very Valuable Information That They Definitely Need To Stop Making Bad Bets And Start Making Only Value Bets.


Winnermetrics Optimal Odds Gives Every Horse Racing Bettor A Real Chance To Become A Winner

Horse Racing Cakes Are Delicious! Optimal Odds Come From Algorithms Developed By Winnermetrics. Horse Racing Algorithms Are Like Horse Racing Cakes. Winnermetrics Used Statistical Science To Determine Just The Right Horse Racing Handicapping Ingredients In Just The Right Amounts To Make A PERFECT Horse Racing Algorithm. The Benefit To Horse Racing Bettors Of Using Optimal Odds Is The Very Best Estimate Of A Horse's Chances Of Winning The Race For Every Horse In Every Race. Optimal Odds Allows Horse Racing Bettors To Take Advantage Of Market Inefficiencies And Make Money On A Long Term, Consistent Basis By Taking Advantage Of The Mistakes The Betting Public Frequently Makes. Winnermetrics Horse Racing Algorithms Are Based On Proven Data And Can Help Horse Racing Bettors Improve Their Results At The Race Track So They Can Win More Money More Often. Change Your Life Now By Using Optimal Odds From Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors And Start Taking Advantage Of The Betting Public. You Can Transform Yourself Into A Profitable Horse Racing Bettor On A Consistent Basis If You Simply Become A Knowledgable Horse Racing Bettor And Give Optimal Odds A Try.

Join The Ranks Of Serious Horse Racing Bettors When You Subscribe To Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors And Begin Taking Advantage Of Optimal Odds, Relative Strength Ratings And Key Factor Rankings Derived From Horse Racing Handicapping Algorithms.


Predicting The Future Can Be A Challenge. Free Unlimited Lifetime Support Is Just An Email Away

Fabulous, Free, Lifetime Support Is Yours! Optimal Odds From Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors Are EXTREMELY EASY TO USE. All You Have To Do Is Compare Optimal Odds To The Actual Odds On The Tote Board. Then Just Bet The Horse Whose Actual Post Time Odds Are Higher Than Optimal Odds. The Higher The Better. Focus On Making Value Bets. Sometimes The Hard Part Is Determining Whether To Pull The Trigger And Place A Bet. Lots Of Help Is Readily Available To You Virtually 24/7. There Is The Handbook And Newsletter. There Are Also Numerous Success Stories, Recorded Webinars, And FAQs. Best Of All, You Can Send An Email To And Ask Questions As Often As You Like. Most Questions Are Answered Within One Hour. All Support Is TOTALLY FREE FOREVER.

You Are Not Alone. There Is A Developing Community Of Horse Racing Handicapping Bettors Who Rely On Optimal Odds And The Other Great Ratings From Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors For All Of Their Horse Racing Betting Decisions. The Community Is Very Supportive Of Each Other And Always Willing To Help One Another.


Read About Recent Successes At The Race Track Using Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors

Belmont September 21, 2017 Race # 4

IT IS TIME TO GET SERIOUS !! Frequently, money making opportunities are few and far between. Your KEY TO WINNING is to have some way of knowing a money making opportunity when you see it! Race #4 at Belmont was a perfect example of a TYPE OF RACE that always sets up as an opportunity. Here is one type of race that ALWAYS PRESENTS AN OPPORTUNITY!! The type of race is when all or most Optimal Odds scores are very low. In Belmont race #4 every single horse in the race had an OO score of 1/1 or less. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?? Very simply, every horse in the race is very competitive. That means that any horse in the race can win the race. Therefore, you are much better off betting a horse with higher odds. IT IS TIME TO GET SERIOUS !! Here, one of the early speed horses won and paid a huge premium!

#1 $26.80 $10.40 $5.50
$2 Ex 1/2 $105.50
$2 Tri 1/2/4 $411.50

Saratoga September 5, 2017

SARATOGA WRAP UP I have said it before, but it bears repeating. IF YOU CAN'T WIN AT SARATOGA YOU CAN'T WIN! There are three reasons that Saratoga is such a good race track to play. First and most importantly is the PEOPLE! LOTS OF PEOPLE! The whole objective of Winnermetrics is to take advantage of mistakes the betting public makes by using Optimal Odds. The more people the more mistakes and the more opportunities. There are tens of thousands of people at Saratoga betting. Second is the MONEY! There is always hundreds of thousands of dollars in the win pool! The more money means the more mistakes. Finally, there is the world-wide interest. People around the world are just like me. They wait all year for Saratoga to open. They bet lots of money and make lots of mistakes. Winnermetrics subscribers have superior information that no one else can see. It is almost impossible to lose at Saratoga!

Saratoga August 2, 2017 Race # 4

1/9 OO PAYS 8100% PREMIUM !! Be certain that the main principle of Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors is for you to make every effort to bet horses paying at least double Optimal Odds and at least 5/1 actual post time odds. The reason for those two requirements is that WINNERMETRICS ALGORITHM FACTORS IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU MAKE MONEY which is way more important than picking winners. Optimal Odds is the key to your success in making money. Optimal Odds represents a mathematically accurate probability for a horse's chances of winning the race. When you bet a horse paying substantially more than Optimal Odds you are taking tremendous advantage of the mathematics of betting also known as the Mathematical Expectation or the Expected Value Equation. In this race horse #4 was paying 81 TIMES OPTIMAL ODDS !! If you decided to bet only horses paying 81 times Optimal Odds you would have an almost zero chance of losing money long term. LOSING MONEY IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE when you bet only horses paying substantially higher actual post time odds than OO. The math is on your side to an astounding degree.

#4 $20.00 $4.70 $2.60
$2 Ex 4/6 $91.20
$2 Tri 4/6/7 $128.00

Parx August 1, 2017 Race # 6

FISHING SCORE 10 BOMBER WINS AT 50/1!! Congratulations to the subscriber who took home part of the $9,210.20 trifecta and the subscribers who hit the $858.20 exacta in this sixth race because they remembered one simple rule. When there is a speed duel one of the speed horses will win the race if the horse can dominate the other speed horses. If not, all of the speed horses will fail. I have previously written about this truism. This race was a perfect example. Horses #4, #9 and #12 were the speed horses in the race based on their "E" scores, T1 scores, and BL1 scores. Horse #12 had an "E" score of 1 while #4 and #9 had an "E" score of 2. Each horses speed ability was easily confirmed by their T1 and BL1 scores which were well into the double digit negatives. Horse #12 was the best in BL1 and had MOM1 = 0 and, therefore, most likely to dominate the other speed horses. Horse #12 had actual post time odds of 50/1 which was fine when compared to Optimal Odds of 55/1. Of course, there were good closers in the race, but they had to catch the speed. THE MOM1 = 0 HORSE WON AND THE MOM2 = 0 HORSE RAN SECOND!!

#12 $105.60 $40.60 $24.20
$2 Ex 12/11 $858.20
$2 Tri 12/11/6 $9,210.20


Horse Racing Bettors Need Accurate Win Probabilities For Every Horse In Every Race In Order To Win

Horse Racing Algorithms Are Definitely The Future Of Successful Horse Racing Bettors. That's Right! After Reading About How Spotting Mistakes The Betting Public Makes Determines Whether You Win Or Lose Betting Horse Races And How You MUST Start Making Value Bets If You Truly Want To Win Betting Horses Then You Should Realize The Only Real Answer For You Is Optimal Odds. Winnermetrics Algorithm Factors Optimal Odds, Relative Strength Rating And Ratings Are The Only Horse Racing Algorithms Available To You Anywhere Based On The Science Of Winnermetrics. The Science Of Winnermetrics, Just Like The Science Of Sabermetrics, Has Proven To Be Absolutely Invaluable. Now, You Have The Opportunity To Put The Revolutionary Science Of Winnermetrics To Work For You Today Betting Horse Races. Invest In Your Future ! SUBSCRIBE TODAY!


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